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2021年9月—打包系统/Packing system FAS480



For easy packaging of folding cartons by setting up and pre-sorting the carton layers and outputting at reduced speed.



– 配有导向杆,可以控制从上胶机流入的纸箱流
– 配有速度传感器,可以保证设备的运行速度与上胶机同步运动
– 完整供应,包括配重,多款阻挡支架、长盒子用的导向辊轮

– 配有转向组件, 通过他,被立起的纸箱流以90°角进入横向输送组件
– 横向运输组件,包括侧导向,运输皮带和随纸箱流动的停止位
– 包含驱动电机和控制柜,设备内部220 V,A.C.,50Hz的电气安装

Suitable for combination with Cartons Gluers comprising of:
 – one guide bar to control the carton stream of cartons coming from the Gluer
– one speed sensor, which ensures that the system runs in synchronisation with the Gluer
 – one errection including belts, spring loaded and adjustable reversing rollers, as well as guides for the erection of the flat carton

– one revering head section, by means of which the erected stream of cartons is transported at 90 degrees into the cross transport section, whilst remaining the pre-selected counting in the Gluer
– one cross transport section with side guides as well as driven transport belts and a end stop, which moves along with stream of carton as they arrive
– one drive and control cabinet including electrical in-machine installation for 220 Volt, A.C., 50 Hz



升降台作为FAS 480的可选项,因其采用气动控制,可以使得纸盒装进包装箱这一操作更加容易。升降台由高度可调的钢管框架和工作台组成,其中一段台面倾斜35度,可通过脚踏开关(5.5 bar)抬至桌面水平。整个系统可以在通过轮子移动,可以提供左手或右手操作模式。

Optional lifting table
As an option for the FAS 480 we offer a pneumatically controlled lifting table, which makes packing of the cartons into the outer box much easier. The lifting table consists of a height adjustable steel pipe frame with formica covered table, of which a section is tilted by 35 degrees and can be raised level by means of a foot switch (5.5 bar). The complete system is movable on wheels and can be supplied as al left-handed or right-handed model